March 2018

Introducing "Answers by Cigna" Skill for Amazon Alexa

A 2017 survey on health literacy found that 20% of respondents did not understand the word “premium” and 66% did not understand the word “formulary.”* When people do not understand the terms used in their health plan, they are less likely to take full advantage of their benefits. The new Answers by Cignaâ„  skill for Amazon Alexa® is designed to enhance this knowledge by personalizing and simplifying health benefits information. The hands-free skill is designed to demystify language about health care by providing instant and easy-to-understand answers to more than 150 commonly-asked health care questions.

Only 4% of Americans can correctly define four terms** that are key in determining how much they would personally have to pay for medical services and drugs they receive under their health insurance plans. Click here to find out what these four terms are and to hear the Answers by Cigna Amazon skill define them.

The Answers by Cigna skill for Alexa is available to everyone in the Amazon Alexa Skills Store or by saying, “Alexa, enable Answers by Cigna.” To use the Answers by Cigna skill for Alexa, users can simply ask their health-related questions, like “what’s a formulary?” and receive an easy-to-understand response.


* Radius Global Market Research. Health Insurance Literacy Survey, 2016.

**, “4 basic health insurance terms 96% of Americans don’t understand,” Web. Accessed February 23, 2018.

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The Answers by Cigna skill is for informational and educational purposes only. Employees are encouraged to consult a licensed insurance agent and review their plan documents for the details of their specific health plan or insurance policy.