March 2018

Drug utilization management – critical for promoting safe drug use and savings

Targeted drug utilization management together with dynamic clinical formulary management is a strong combination that Cigna, as an integrated PBM, strongly recommends to all of our clients. While a low net drug cost approach to formulary management helps drive lower cost savings; a drug utilization management program helps protect customers against potentially harmful, ineffective or unnecessary drug treatments. As such, client adoption of Cigna's drug utilization management protocols is key to reducing opioid misuse and abuse.

Our drug utilization management packages ensure customers have coverage for the appropriate drug and drug quantity. Also, our clinical expertise and connection to doctors helps direct customers and their doctors to equally effective lower-cost drug options. And because Cigna has a truly integrated patient information management system supported by vast databases of continually updated customer clinical information, we’re able to instantly verify customer medical information, removing the need for a prior authorization for certain medications within seconds – while the customer is at the pharmacy.  This means customers have earlier access to coverage for important medications. This capability also informs us when a customer has cancer, sickle cell disease or is in hospice so we approve coverage for continuation of their opioid therapy.

Our drug utilization management protocols are reviewed on an ongoing basis to react appropriately to new/emerging drugs and to improve health outcomes – to help protect clients and customers now and in the future.

The Essential Protection Drug Utilization Management package is the recommended approach for most clients and delivers an estimated annual savings of 2.5 - 3.0 percent.*

Learn more about the Essential Protection package.** To help achieve even more protection and savings, the Complete Protection package is available. Contact your Cigna Representative for more information on a Cigna's drug utilization management packages.

*Savings projection based on national book of business drug utilization management results, 2016. Savings are not guaranteed and individual client results will vary.

**This flyer is not approved for use in NM and some features of this program may not be available with insured plans in all states. Contact your Cigna representative for details.