March 2018

Employers save average of $253 annually for each Cigna customer with a health improvement opportunity

A recent study conducted by an international accounting firm found that customers whose medical and pharmacy benefits are both administered by Cigna are more active in health coaching and case management programs than those with only medical coverage. Increased engagement in managing health conditions is helping to generate medical cost savings for employers of $253 annually, on average, for each individual identified as a candidate for a health improvement program. This is, compared to those employers that have medical benefits with Cigna, but use another pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).*

The study found that 12 percent more individuals participate in health coaching and case management programs when their pharmacy and medical benefits are managed together.* In addition, 12 percent more individuals complete multiple health improvement activities when working toward their goals.*

“Every time a prescription is filled, there is an underlying medical issue. A real-time view of our customers’ health needs across both their pharmacy and medical benefits enables us to more easily identify and support those who need help in managing their health. We’re able to provide personalized guidance to customers on actions that will drive better health – such as improving adherence to their medications – and provide cost savings for them and their employers,” says Scott Josephs, M.D., Cigna national medical officer.

Improved health engagement resulted in even more significant savings for certain medical conditions. Employers saved, on average, $2,800 on annual medical costs for each individual being treated for diabetes and $4,400 for each individual with a specialty condition who had both pharmacy and medical benefits administered by Cigna.*

“Even the best doctors and most effective medicines can only do so much if patients are not also actively involved in improving their health. Under the plans we administer, pharmacy is the most frequently used benefit, and we use those touchpoints to encourage customers to participate in programs available across their benefits. The study helps confirm the added value we can provide to customers and clients when we are able to use this connected approach,” said Jon Maesner, PharmD, Cigna chief pharmacy officer.

The study also found that employers with both pharmacy and medical benefits through Cigna experienced medical cost savings across all their plan members. Overall, employers saved an average of $74 per member per year (PMPY) on medical costs – with greater health program engagement accounting for the majority of these savings. Learn more about the study.*

* 2017 Cigna national book of business study of medical customers who have Cigna pharmacy benefits vs. those with Cigna medical only. Average annual per member per year (PMPY) estimated medical savings of $74 ranges $60–$88. Average annual per member per year (PMPY) estimated medical savings of $253 ranges $175–$331 for those customers identified for health improvement opportunity – Specialty Rx and diabetes results for those who additionally engaged with case management or health coaching. Individual client/customer results will vary and are not guaranteed.