March 2018

Cigna Collaborative Care: The customer point of view

Meet Shawn King, a Cigna customer who recently shared with us an exceptional experience he had with a Cigna Collaborative Care provider group during a health care crisis.

Shawn’s care was coordinated by the group’s Embedded Care Coordinator who, in collaboration with a Cigna Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacist, helped guide him through the health care system. They identified and helped him close gaps in care, connected him to the care and medications he needed, and facilitated collaboration among all of his providers. 

What is Cigna Collaborative Care?

Cigna Collaborative Care is the term we use for the value-based relationships we have with primary care provider groups, specialty physician groups, and hospitals. Our shared goal is to improve quality, lower medical costs, and improve customer health and satisfaction. Providers have the opportunity to earn incentive rewards based on how efficiently and effectively they deliver care to Cigna customers.

Cigna Collaborative Care is centered on making the right connections to help improve how care is delivered. Those connections are making it easier to achieve improved health outcomes.

Watch the video to hear Shawn’s story for yourself.