June 2020

Managing Anxiety: Coronavirus Fears & Concerns

The spread of COVID-19  and its designation as a global pandemic is causing substantial concern throughout the United States and the entire world. As the fear of being diagnosed grows, a natural stress response is quietly seeping into everyone’s lives. 

People’s daily routines are changing, and they may be forced to make uncomfortable adjustments. Everyone is struggling. As a result, your employees and clients may be concerned about their health, jobs and family security.

During these difficult times, we want to provide you and your clients with resources to help ease their minds.  

That’s why Cigna has created a webinar that addresses the fears and concerns people may have as they face these unprecedented times. In this webinar, Managing Anxiety: Coronavirus Fears & Concerns, Dr. Thomas Troast offers helpful guidance on how to deal with the psychological aspects of a pandemic and how to stay in control of your life. 

“We don’t have to quarantine our ability to grow and learn. Even at times like this, we can learn different ways of handling anxiety,” says Troast as he lays out the effect of COVID-19 on our emotional health. Dr. Troast examines the circumstances feeding our fears. He goes on to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 and suggests practical steps we can take to protect our emotional health. 

We encourage you to listen to the webinar and share it with your clients by copying the webinar link.