June 2020

Cigna’s Virtual Benefits Education Website makes open enrollment easy

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Today’s workforce is comprised of employees who may be on the road, on the factory floor or on their laptops working from home. It can be challenging for an employer to bring everyone together to explain the various benefit options they have for enrollment.

That’s where Cigna's Virtual Benefits Education Website comes in. It’s designed to make life easier for businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Imagine one centralized location where employees and their families can get the information they need regarding the specific benefits their employer is offering.

In order to deliver information about benefit options, all a company has to do is share a link to their customized virtual education website. With just one click, employees can open the door to easy-to-understand information about the Cigna-administered benefits being offered by their employer.

The Virtual Benefits Education Website is tailored for each client’s needs.

No two companies are alike. What’s more, some companies may choose to offer dental and vision coverage in addition to their medical coverage. That why Cigna's benefits education site is tailored to the specific benefits being offered by each company. Employees can get the information they need to make better, more informed decisions about their health care benefits.

Since the site can be accessed online 24/7, via computer, tablet or smart phone, employees can review their benefit options whenever or wherever it’s convenient. They can also share the site – or sit down and explore benefits information – with other decision-makers within their family.

A sensible alternative to in-person open enrollment meetings.

An online site dedicated to helping employees and their families learn about their benefit options makes sense. After all, the current work environment is evolving – and so should the open enrollment experience. Click here for more details about this exciting pre-enrollment innovation.