June 2020

inMynd – Elevated Behavioral Health Support

Behavioral and emotional health challenges have a significant impact on society. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans will struggle with mental illness1 – with many not getting the support they need due to stigma and the inability to access care. The situation goes beyond the personal hardship that comes with emotional health concerns. This important issue costs employers about $44 billion annually in lost productivity.2 That’s why we’re proud to introduce inMynd – a new behavioral health solution included with our integrated pharmacy benefits at no additional cost.

Using connected pharmacy insights, Cigna’s inMynd spans the spectrum of our customers’ emotional health needs. This innovative support system:

  • Identifies those patients at risk
  • Connects them with providers and behavioral health experts
  • Improves outcomes and lowers costs

InMynd casts a wide net of thorough support for families struggling with emotional and behavioral health hurdles. It connects pharmacy customer engagements data and clinical care teams in order to guide individuals and their families throughout the support process. With inMynd, our customers can:

  • Become better informed, right from the outset
  • Navigate through available emotional health resources
  • Have access to counseling support

Learn more about how inMynd uses Cigna integrated benefits to help your clients improve their employees’ emotional health while keeping total health care costs under control.

  1. “Mental Health By The Numbers,” United States National Alliance on Mental Illness, September 2019.
  2. Division of Population Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, April 2016.