June 2019

Introducing the Cigna Health Today™ skill for Amazon Alexa

At Cigna, we’re committed to finding innovative and meaningful ways to communicate with our customers. You can see the result of that commitment in our pilot launch of Cigna Health Today.

Cigna Health Today is an Amazon Alexa skill that makes it easier for eligible customers to engage in their health incentives program through their Alexa-enabled devices. Now, eligible customers can simply ask Alexa for personalized incentive program details, as well as daily health and wellness tips. It’s all designed to make it easier for them to make the most of their plan.

Asked and answered

With the Cigna Health Today skill, customers can ask Alexa about:

  • Daily health and wellness tips
  • Incentive program status
  • How to redeem incentive points
  • Details about specific incentive programs

The incentives opportunity

In 2018, Cigna distributed $255 million back to customers, who completed more than 4.5 million health goals.* However, some customers are still not taking complete advantage of their health incentives program, losing out on rewards and missing the opportunity to improve their health. This voice-enabled skill will facilitate customer engagement in health improvement programs, and allow us to provide useful health tips as part of an ongoing dialogue with users.

Look who’s talking

More and more consumers are using voice-enabled technology. In fact, almost 28% of U.S. smartphone users (nearly one-fifth of the population) uses a voice assistant at least one time per month.** And 65% of 25- to 49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day.*** Cigna has already been at the forefront of this technology with the Answers by Cigna skill, launched in 2018. With the addition of Cigna Health Today, eligible customers are now able to get real-time responses to their incentive program questions, making the health care experience easier and more engaging.

Privacy and protection

Cigna Health Today requires that customers link to their myCigna® account through an authentication process. This allows the skill to provide personalized information on incentives – including progress toward achieving incentives and incentives earned – from any Alexa devices connected to a customer’s account.

Test and learn

Cigna Health Today is currently being piloted with designated customers to test the effectiveness of the platform and its ability to reach a more mobile population. As we continue to add content and improve the functionality of the skill, we plan to offer Cigna Health Today to a broader audience.

*Cigna MotivateMe program analysis of full year data, 2017-2018.
**E-Marketer.com, “Alexa, Say What?! Voice-Enabled Speaker Usage to Grow Nearly 130% This Year,” May 8, 2017.
***PwC, “Consumer Intelligence Series: Prepare for the voice revolution,” Consumer Intelligence Series voice assistance survey, 2018.

The Cigna Health Today skill is currently available to a limited set of group health plan customers. Future skill availability is subject to change. Amazon and Alexa are trademarks of Amazon, Inc. or its affiliates.