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  • A healthy life means more than just good physical health. That’s why our Health Accelerated: Life Connectedsm approach works to connect the many dimensions of your employees’ health and well-being – from physical and emotional needs to financial, social and environmental impacts.

  • Cigna knows that a healthy life means more than just good physical health.  That’s why we offer My Secure Advantage™, a full-service financial wellness program.

  • Cigna SureFit® is a local health care solution designed to make health care more personal and more affordable.

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  • Cigna LocalPlus®  is designed to offer the right mix of health care benefits at the right price.

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  • Through the integration of medical, pharmacy and behavioral health, Cigna Pharmacy has access to complete health data and insights that inform more meaningful and effective interactions and support for employees that helps drive lower medical cost.

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  • Hear about the three critical steps employers should take to ensure supplemental health benefits enrollment success.

  • Learn more about how Cigna SureFit® is built around a concentration of local, value-based providers committed to delivering better health outcomes and collaborating on care to help drive efficiency and provide a more personal experience.

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  • Dr. Dick Salmon, National Medical Director, Performance Measurement and Improvement at Cigna discusses why Value-Based Care is increasingly being adopted by providers and the impact it can have on cost, quality and the patient experience.

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  • This short podcast provides more details about how Cigna Simple File® can help employees get the maximum benefits they're entitled to so they can focus on getting better.

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  • Learn more about how the Body and Mind Connection is vital to controlling medical costs.

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  • The Opioid Epidemic and Employers Episode 1 focuses on the latest legislative and regulatory developments around opioid use.

  • The Opioid Epidemic and Employers Episode 2 reviews plan-level strategies to help reduce opioid prescriptions and consider alternate pain treatments.