December 2019

Introducing Cigna Dental Health Connect.â„¢

As Cigna Dental continues to innovate and align our focus on whole-person health, we're bringing together existing programs - such as the Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program® and our Dental Outreach Program - under an umbrella brand name that embodies our approach to whole-person health: Cigna Dental Health Connect.

Cigna Dental Health Connect is neither a program nor a service. It’s the embodiment of our whole-person approach to wellness through innovative dental solutions and actionable insights. Simply put, it’s all the ways Cigna Dental helps our customers wherever they are in their health journey.

Through this approach, we use clinical insights and expertise to identify opportunities to improve outcomes. We then use this information to develop innovative dental solutions designed to help our customers overcome barriers to achieving good health. The result? More meaningful dental health solutions specifically designed to fit our customers’ lives and needs. So taking care of their oral health – and their overall health – is easier and more affordable.

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