December 2019

Help employees at risk for diabetes

Prediabetes may be more prevalent in your workplace than you might think.

  • An estimated 84.1 million American adults - more than one out of three - have prediabetes.1
  • Nine out of 10 Americans may not know they have prediabetes.1

Early detection is critical.

  • The total costs of diagnosed diabetes rose to $327 billion in 2017 from $245 billion in 2012. This represents a 26% increase over a five-year period.2
  • 30% of Americans with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes, unless targeted, meaningful and relevant intervention occurs.2

Here's what you can do. It's easy.

Share information with your employees about the Cigna Diabetes Prevention Program in collaboration with Omada®3.

The Omada program inspires healthy habits and supports changes in an employee's lifestyle and behavior. It's specifically designed to help employees who have prediabetes and are at risk for obesity-related chronic diseases.

This digital program focuses on weight loss to reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes and will be available starting in 20203. This health engagement program:

  • Can be easily accessed online or through a mobile app.
  • Allows employees to measure their progress.
  • Is fully recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Includes changes in lifestyle and behavior which are supported by interactive lessons, coaching advice, and encouragement by peers also engaged in the program.

The Omada program has proven to be popular among those who have participated. In fact, 83% would recommend the program to a friend.4 Soon you'll be able to offer it to your employees.

We can help you drive participation through enrollment campaigns tailored to your employee population. Employees registered on myCigna or who have provided their email address to Cigna may receive enrollment emails directly from Omada.

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  3. Check with your Cigna representative on product availability. Eligible employees must apply and meet certain criteria to be accepted into the program.
  4. 2016 Omada Diabetes Prevention Program Pilot Study. Full year. 2016 book of business. National account customer survey results who completed the first phase of the Omada program. Individual client/customer results will vary and are not guaranteed. Marketed population defined as the number of people who saw Omada marketing materials during the pilot program.