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  • The Pandemic's Trajectory – Video Podcast
  • Comprehensive Whole-Person Health Plans Designed for Companies with 25 to 99 Employees that include medical, pharmacy and mental health coverage.

  • Introducing Accredo®, a Cigna specialty pharmacy. Now, the clinical capabilities and personalized experience of Accredo will be a part of Cigna’s integrated care model, supporting the whole person, body and mind.

  • A healthy life means more than just good physical health. That’s why our Health Accelerated: Life Connectedsm approach works to connect the many dimensions of your employees’ health and well-being – from physical and emotional needs to financial, social and environmental impacts.

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  • Eva Borden, Cigna's Director of Network, Behavioral and Social Solutions, discusses why Cigna is focusing on the body and mind connection and the impact it has on an employee's health and an employer's bottom-line.

  • Erin Boyd, behavioral network strategy lead at Cigna, discusses how payers can help address the needs of individuals with mental health or substance use concerns by helping them find the right providers at the right time and accessible in the right way.

  • Jason Youngblood, Cigna's Director of Behavioral Strategy, discusses recent enhancements to Cigna Total Behavioral Health and how they're impacting employees and employers. 

  • Julie McCarter, vice president of product solutions at Cigna, discusses how health plan networks are evolving from large, national and open access networks to networks that are more local and focused, in an effort to elevate care, improve health outcomes and drive savings. 

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  • Webinar Replay: Navigating Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Under the FMLA/ADA
  • Webinar: Get Better Connected. The Value of Pharmacy and Medical Integration