September 2020

Now wellness screenings can be completed through a virtual visit.

Preventive care just got easier. We’re excited to announce a new virtual care service – introducing virtual wellness screenings. Now your clients’ employees can get the preventive care they may have been putting off because of their busy schedules or concerns over COVID-19.

All they have to do is make an appointment at and visit an in-network lab for their lab work and biometric screening.* The virtual wellness screening is then conducted via phone or video.

The many benefits of virtual wellness screenings.

As uncertainty over the pandemic continues, the timing couldn’t be better for virtual wellness screenings. They’re a smart, safe way for your clients’ employees to take control of their health. Look at the advantages:

> Convenient. Accessible via phone, tablet or computer with no traveling or waiting.

> Flexible. Appointments available days, evenings and weekends.

> Comprehensive. Lab work and biometrics are required to be completed and shared with MDLIVE providers prior to the virtual appointment, so visits are more focused on the employee and more informative.

> Preventive. Employees can proactively identify health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol and other risk factors before they become serious and costly. They can also request to have their virtual wellness screening results shared with their primary care provider.

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Virtual care is good for employers and employees.

With virtual care, employees and their dependents can connect with quality board-certified doctors and pediatricians as well as licensed counselors and psychiatrists. It combines in-office quality with in-home privacy. Here are some of the advantages:

> No waiting rooms or lost time during their day

> Prescriptions can be sent directly to an employee’s home or local pharmacy, if appropriate

> 24/7 access to care for minor medical conditions

> Treatment for emotional health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and more

> Costs less than a visit to the ER or an urgent care center (it may even be less than an office visit to their primary care provider)

Convenience is a major plus when it comes to virtual care. For example, online scheduling makes it simple to get an appointment. Employees can easily fit virtual visits into their busy schedules, translating into less time away from work. Now it’s more convenient than ever for employees to stay actively involved in managing their own care – leading to higher health engagement and a healthier workforce.

That’s good news for your clients. After all, employees who are engaged in their health can be more productive on the job.

Ways to access virtual care:

Your clients’ employees can contact their Cigna in-network provider for a virtual care visit, or they can connect with a virtual care provider by going to

Talk to a Cigna representative to learn more about how our virtual solutions can help your clients and their employees.

* Limited to labs contracted with MDLIVE for virtual wellness screenings.