September 2020

Introducing Cigna Healthy Ways to Work.SM

Whether your clients are deciding to reopen worksites, are maintaining a more virtual workforce, or have been maintaining some presence on location all along, they need a dedicated, knowledgeable, and well-equipped partner – for as long as it takes. Cigna’s support doesn’t just focus on their immediate needs, but also on what they need to move forward.

That’s why we created Cigna Healthy Ways to Work, a comprehensive suite of solutions, tools, and resources built to navigate what’s next. From supporting the return of employees to the worksite to maintaining productivity and designing strategies for whole-person care, we understand the unique challenges clients face – and know time is of the essence.

Our consultative and insights-driven approach will identify targeted solutions to meet the unique requirements of a client’s businesses and workforce each step of the way, no matter where they are in their roadmap or how their needs change over time.

Cigna Healthy Ways to Work provides:

  • Workplace health and safety – Helping clients reopen worksites as quickly, safely, and simply as possible with digital and onsite health support
  • Population health, wellness, and clinical care – Avoiding chronic disease exacerbation through better condition management, especially among those at highest risk for COVID-19
  • Greater affordability – Helping clients navigate financial challenges and economic uncertainty
  • Resiliency to cope with change – Addressing whole-person health needs, body and mind, in an anxious and uncertain time

Cigna offers solutions that can help your clients reopen worksites safely and keep them open while maintaining a healthy, productive workforce.

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