September 2020

New branding unboxed for Cigna’s home delivery pharmacy.

> Stay-at-home recommendations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have generated a 20% increase in first-time users of home delivery.*

The growth of home delivery for prescription medications coincides with a branding initiative launched by Express Scripts Pharmacy®, Cigna's home delivery pharmacy. Beginning in August 2020, customers who filled prescriptions through Express Scripts saw a vibrant new look. The new logo and overall branding will be refreshed through a phased approach via online and email messaging, spanning all transactional communications from Express Scripts Pharmacy.

While the branding for Express Scripts Pharmacy may look different, the service and dedication will remain the same. Cigna Pharmacy customers will not experience service changes and can continue to use myCigna® to access and manage home delivery prescriptions.

Cigna customers will still get their medications at the same prices, delivered right to them, and will always have 24/7 access to pharmacists, online tools and more.

We’ve also revamped our customers’ online experience, making it easier than ever to: 
> Check an order’s status
> Refill a prescription
> Pay a bill
> Sign up for automatic refill.

To make sure Cigna Pharmacy customers know their options, we’ve contacted, or will contact, individuals who fill their prescriptions at a retail pharmacy. We hope to educate people on the benefits of home delivery through Express Scripts Pharmacy for a 90-day supply of their essential medications. Customers can ask their doctors to send their 90-day prescription(s) electronically to our home delivery pharmacy or call 800.835.3784 for assistance.

Watch this short video to see the new branding.

* COVID-19 AND HEALTH ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS, Impact on Healthcare Attitudes and Practices Wave 2 –Cigna Module Summary. June 24, 2020.