September 2020

Cigna works with PlanSource to modernize the employee benefits experience

Cigna is excited to be in a program called Boost offered by PlanSource, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits software. PlanSource Boost delivers unparalleled ease through optimized benefits shopping, simplified billing, preferred pricing and modern Application Program Interface (API) integrations that provide a real-time customer experience.

In addition to Cigna’s qualifying lines of dental, life, accident and supplemental health coverage, Cigna is currently the only carrier that also offers medical benefits in order to focus on whole person health.*

A solution that addresses an employee’s overall health – body and mind.

Cigna is offering its full suite of medical and behavioral benefit solutions on the PlanSource technology platform because physical and emotional health are connected. Customers benefit from Cigna’s Health Accelerated: Life ConnectedSM wellness strategy, which integrates the physical, emotional, financial, social and environmental aspects of a person’s health.

A successful collaboration with proven results.

The Cigna and PlanSource collaboration has already delivered results, such as improved operational efficiencies and an enhanced customer experience.  A recent survey** conducted by Cigna shows that most clients agree that this “partnership provides them additional value.”

Additionally, in 2019, PlanSource awarded Cigna the first-ever Creative Collaborator Carrier Award, which celebrates groundbreaking innovations that have been realized through great teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking.

“Cigna and the PlanSource Boost program share the common goal of leveraging innovation to deliver affordability and simplification. Together, we want to be the partner of choice,” said Patty Fontneau, President, Benefit Exchange and Technology Solutions for Cigna.

The Boost program delivers value for your clients.

The Boost program provides employers with significant value. When employers offer one or more qualifying lines of Cigna coverage, they receive:

  • Preferred PlanSource pricing. Employers will enjoy a simple, discounted price for the PlanSource benefits technology platform.
  • Optimized employee experience. PlanSource works with consumer marketing experts who can provide personalized educational materials, as well as tips and best practices to help guide employees to the right benefits.
  • Simplified self-billing and payment. PlanSource offers self-billing services for the products offered from Boost carriers, saving HR teams time by eliminating the need to reconcile bills.
  • Industry-leading integrations. PlanSource and Cigna have already delivered a streamlined Evidence of Insurability experience, and will be rolling out state-of-the-art integrations that improve the experience for both employees and HR teams.

Through our strategic alliance with PlanSource’s Boost program, Cigna delivers value by integrating health, wealth and life benefit solutions via sophisticated benefits administration and automation.

*Cigna’s medical coverage is not a qualifying line of Boost coverage.
*HR Technology Platforms Client Usage & Attitude Qualitative Research study conducted by Cigna in March 2019.