June 2021

The unexpected ways to help your clients reduce medical costs

Those regular visits to the dentist for an exam, a cleaning and a “No Cavities for Me!” sticker help keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile bright. But they also help with much more – including reducing your likelihood of needing emergency or urgent medical care services and your chances of developing periodontal (gum) disease. Just like going for an annual medical exam is important, preventive dental care visits play a critical role in overall health and wellness.

Oral health impacts overall health.

The connection between oral and overall health is a guiding principle for everything we do, and it’s reflected in how we view dental health and the products we offer to help improve and maintain it. In today’s world, an effective dental plan is one that goes beyond just offering a list of covered procedures and discounted dentists.

Dental plans should offer services and programs that reflect the connection between oral and overall health, and they should connect customers to the right solutions when, how and where they need them most, in a way that’s simple, affordable and predictable.

Help your clients reduce costs.

Our dental programs are designed to help reduce dental and medical costs. They help deliver better outcomes for all customers, including those who may need extra support to be their healthiest or who may be at a greater disadvantage due to social factors that impact health and access to care.

Read our latest paper to learn how dental care can help improve medical outcomes and lower medical costs, plus the role social determinants of health can play when it comes to dental-related costs and savings.