June 2021

Fully Insured Plus – Funding option for employers not ready for self-insured one

Cigna’s Fully Insured Plus, formerly known as Insured 50% Dividend Eligible, is now available to clients with as few as 51 eligible employees. It offers your clients a fully insured arrangement, with several key advantages:

  • Savings through participation when claims experience is favorable
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • No additional administrative responsibilities

In many cases, this funding solution appeals to clients who prefer a fully insured option but would like the chance to share in the savings when claims trend lower. Fully Insured Plus shares 50% of claims savings with clients upon renewal. This opportunity for an upside gain without downside risk gives clients a chance to achieve more savings.

Fully Insured Plus clients also benefit by understanding how their employees are using plan benefits. Comprehensive monthly reporting provides details on plan utilization that can be helpful in many ways. For example, your clients can get greater value from their plan by making more-informed decisions.

Fully Insured Plus is just one of our many innovative funding solutions. For more information on Cigna’s spectrum of funding options, please contact your Cigna representative.