June 2021

Help your clients boost employee productivity

In a recent study with The Economist, we learned that 38% of U.S. employers rank fatigue, stress and burnout as the largest barriers to business success today.* That’s why all employers should take note: a healthy workforce is essential as they look toward the future.

Employees are the heart of your clients’ business. To support their well-being, your clients should:

  • Understand the health of their unique employee population
  • Establish a culture of health by creating a supportive and healthy work environment
  • Embrace innovations and new digital solutions to improve workforce well-being

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Well-being programs do more than improve employee health.

It’s no secret that well-being programs do more than improve employee health. In fact, they also boost productivity and help your clients’ businesses and the economy grow. Your clients should approach employee well-being as an investment: research shows that every $1 spent on integrated care can see $6 in medical cost savings** – that’s a win-win.

Your clients may not only help their employees but also their own bottom line.

Explore an informative series of articles and case studies in The Economist that bring home the value of workforce well-being for your clients and their employees.

*The employer imperative: Driving US economic vitality through a healthy, productive workforce. Survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), commissioned by Cigna, in January and February 2021 among 1,200 consumers and 600 executives. https://healthyworkforce.economist.com/.

**Press, M., & Livesey, C. (2019, December 13). Integrated care opens new doors to mental health, addiction care. STAT. https://www.statnews.com/2019/12/13/integrated-care-opens-new-doors-mental-health-addiction-care/.