June 2021

Cigna Group Medicare Advantage – whole-person health, retiree focused

Cigna’s Group Medicare Advantage PPO plans are designed specifically for your clients with Medicare-eligible retirees. Integrated medical, behavioral health and Part D prescription drug coverage delivers whole-person health to address retirees’ physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Substantial savings.

With medical cost savings of up to 20%–50% over Original Medicare plans* and reduced retiree accounting liabilities, Cigna Group Medicare Advantage PPO plans offer substantial savings opportunities for your clients.

2021 Medicare Advantage PPO U.S. map

Simple for retirees, simple for employers.

Retirees benefit from the freedom to see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare and is willing to bill Cigna's plan, and pay the same cost share in-network or out-of-network. Cigna's national “passive” PPO plan offers your clients consistent rates regardless of location, while simplifying enrollment and billing administration by eliminating the need to offer out-of-area plans.

A holistic approach to care.

Cigna's comprehensive preventive care focuses on early detection and proactive treatment of Medicare Advantage customers while our wellness incentives foster ongoing customer engagement and proactive health management. Medicare care coordination and disease management programs drive better outcomes and improved quality of care for your clients’ retirees.

Cigna Medicare Advantage PPO can save your clients money while providing their retirees with the care they need. For more information, contact your Cigna representative today.

*Savings may vary by state, county, service area match and plan design. Based on Cigna internal analysis.

**Cigna group Medicare Advantage HMO is available in the PPO markets noted above as well as Arizona, Arkansas, and California.

***Cigna Medicare Surround, our group Medicare Supplement-style plan, and Cigna Rx Medicare (PDP), our group Medicare Part D plan, are available in most states on a fully insured basis and in all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands for ASO plans.  Contact your Cigna Sales Representative to learn more.