December 2020

Reducing the total cost of care.

The rise in drug costs is alarming. However, if customers focus only on the unit cost of a particular drug, they could be missing the bigger picture regarding the total health care costs involved.

While many stand-alone PBMs focus on the unit cost of a drug, Cigna integrates medical, pharmacy, and behavioral benefits to drive to the lowest total health care cost for your clients while providing whole-person support for employers.

> At 3.6%, Cigna’s Medical Cost Trend is the best in the industry and it has been for eight years running.*

Cigna is lowering trend through active, continuous review of data across benefits – on a yearly basis. With claims and results data for millions – and a billion customer touchpoints each year, we’re able to take meaningful actions and develop effective solutions. In addition, we connect our customers to chronic condition and behavioral support to help avoid in-patient hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

By offering your clients integrated medical, pharmacy and behavioral benefits, Cigna is uniquely able to use advanced analytics, real-time data, and a whole person approach to drive better outcomes and help lower total medical costs – not just drug costs.

Cigna can lower total medical cost trend for your clients. We takes proactive steps that get real results.

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* Cigna drug trend synergies study, March, 2019. Comparison of expected drug trend for 24-month period pre and post combination, based on current integration plan.