December 2020

Introducing Cigna Bounce Back Whole.â„¢

Cigna is looking at supplemental health benefits in a whole new way. As Cigna Supplemental Health Solutions continues to innovate with our focus on whole-person health, we’ve developed Cigna Bounce Back Whole – a first of its kind insights-driven approach to supplemental health insurance.

A more predictable, precise experience that’s in sync with employee needs.

Designed to help address coverage gaps and eliminate confusion, Cigna’s Bounce Back Whole approach gives employers a new way to optimize their supplemental health offerings. This enhanced plan feature provides more value for your clients and their employees.

Life is unexpected enough. So when your clients’ employees have a serious illness or injury, they need a supplemental health insurance plan that helps deliver the kind of coverage they’ve come to expect – and need – to help them get back to being their best. That’s what our Cigna Bounce Back Whole approach is all about.

Leveraging Cigna's medical plan insights, our enhanced supplemental health plans offer benefits that:

  • Closely complement medical plan designs – so coverage is more predictable.
  • Are data-driven and customized to fit the specific health needs of your client’s workforce – so coverage is more precise.

Cigna's Bounce Back Whole approach uses medical insights to deliver the supplemental health insurance employees need in a way that’s more predictable and precise for everyone involved.

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For more information on how Cigna is looking at supplemental benefits in a whole new way, visit Cigna Bounce Back Whole or contact your Cigna representative today.