December 2020

Cigna shares our Life Connected approach through a new podcast series.

Cigna’s Life ConnectedSM approach, which addresses five key areas of an employees' well-being – physical, emotional, environmental, financial and social – is now featured in our latest podcast series. To listen and share with our mutual clients, click here.

Overview of the five dimensions.

Here are the areas of a person’s well-being that will be discussed in the podcast series.

Physical well-being: A healthy body maintained through healthy choices that reduce the risk of preventable diseases and conditions.

  • Physical well-being can help increase energy and improve an individual’s ability to accomplish daily tasks.

Emotional well-being: Confidence and resilience in coping with life's stresses and challenges.

  • Emotional well-being helps an individual manage feelings and behaviors, work productively, and make meaningful contributions to their community

Environmental well-being: An understanding of how a person’s environment affects their health – and, conversely, how their habits and lifestyle affect the environment.

  • Environmental well-being involves awareness of the relationship between an individual’s health and their home, work, and community.

Financial well-being: An understanding of a person’s financial situation, including feeling prepared and being able to define a path toward future financial goals.

  • Financial well-being helps provide a sense of security and relief from financial stress.

Social well-being: Creating and maintaining positive relationships and having a sense of connectedness and belonging.

  • Social well-being can include connecting with others at work, at home, and in the local community.

Learn how a person’s body and mind can impact their overall health.

The Cigna Life Connected podcast series explores how each different dimension of an employee’s life can impact their overall health.

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