September 2017


Employee health engagement is considered a critical component to building and sustaining a healthy, productive and cost-efficient workforce. If employees are highly involved in managing their health – and taking action to understand and improve their health status – then their productivity and performance can improve. And those improvements can not only help reduce overall health costs, but also help organizations lower overall operating expenses.

Cigna's turnkey incentive program, MotivateMe®, can help your clients engage their employees and their spouses1 with opportunities to earn rewards for taking charge of and improving their health.  The easy to use, easy to understand program is designed to be easy for employees to get and stay healthy, and includes a wide variety of programs - from losing weight, eating better and enjoying exercise, to controlling stress, quitting tobacco use and managing certain chronic conditions.

With the help of Cigna’s dedicated Health Engagement Team we’ll create a multiyear health engagement strategy to deliver better health and long-term savings. Our team will help your clients understand their needs and implement programs that raise awareness, increase engagement and help their employees better manage their health.

To learn more about how your clients can benefit from MotivateMe® incentive program, download the Cigna MotivateMe® overview.

  1. Turnkey packages are available only to covered employees and their spouses. Dependents are not included in turnkey packages.