September 2017

Introducing Cigna Designed RxSM

Pharmacy benefit design can be complex and rising drug costs makes choosing the right mix of benefits critical to maintaining a cost-effective benefit plan that delivers value today and over time. That’s why we developed Cigna Designed RxSM benefit packages. With Cigna Designed Rx, Cigna clients will get peace of mind by making one choice for an expertly crafted, cost-effective pharmacy benefit and clinical solution.

The Balanced Savings package is the recommended package for most clients and addresses many concerns our clients have like:

  • High cost brand name drugs
  • Inappropriate use and misuse of drugs (e.g. opioids)
  • Access to affordable specialty medications
  • More pharmacy options for filling maintenance medications
  • Drug adherence

On average, Cigna clients have saved $8.20 PMPM* on annual pharmacy costs with all of the benefits this package delivers. For additional plan protection, oversight and savings, we also offer our Cigna Designed Rx – Max Savings package.

Learn more about the Cigna Designed Pharmacy Benefits – Balanced Savings package.

* 2016 National Book of business analysis of Regional segment clients with all benefits in place. Individual client results will vary and savings are not guaranteed. The Standard formulary is available as an alternative to the Value formulary and provides coverage for certain drugs the Value formulary does not (est. $5.00 PMPM annual pharmacy cost savings). PMPM = per member per month.