December 2018

Cigna Collaborates with Annum Health to Introduce a Digital Health Solution to Help People Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Cigna is collaborating with Annum Health to offer an innovative, digital health support solution to help people reduce alcohol consumption. Cigna is the first health service company to pilot Annum Health’s private coaching and clinician-led support program with employer clients.

Alcohol consumption in the United States continues to rise across the spectrum of moderate, heavy and binge drinking. Research shows drinking alcohol in any amount can impact both physical and mental well-being, including increasing the risk of stroke and cancer. Issues with alcohol consumption can also shorten life expectancy. Heavy drinking costs the U.S. economy $250 billion, including $82 billion in lost workplace productivity.

“Through our collaboration with Annum Health, we will be the first health service company to offer Annum’s  digital solution that can help people become more aware of how much alcohol they consume and the impact on their health,” said Douglas Nemecek, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Behavioral Health at Cigna. “The more and longer a person drinks alcohol, the greater impact it will have on their health, well-being and productivity.”

Annum program participants will use a digital app and have a personal support team comprised of health coaches, physicians and licensed therapists to help each individual meet their goals. Through the yearlong program, participants are able to address risky alcohol consumption and become empowered to make sustainable changes to drinking habits. In addition, Annum will work with Cigna and its employer clients to design culturally appropriate awareness campaigns to encourage anonymous self-identification and engagement.

“Our collaboration with Cigna marks the first time we will pilot Annum’s remotely delivered approach to reducing alcohol consumption with a national health service company,” said Michael Laskoff, co-founder and CEO of Annum Health. “Cigna is our ideal partner because of our shared passion for improving customers’ access to quality care.”

The Annum program adds to Cigna’s suite of services available to help people reduce alcohol consumption after evaluation of the pilot results. As part of this program, participants are encouraged to use their information to have an open and honest conversation with their health care provider about how their drinking may be impacting their health. People who have concerns about their drinking or with alcohol dependence should consult their doctor or health care provider to determine the best course of treatment and the support tools that can be of help.

“The effects of drinking alcohol on physical and mental well-being, and workplace productivity are too often minimized or overlooked,” said Julie McCarter, Vice President, Product Solutions at Cigna. “We hope offering this program will make it easier and more convenient for the people we serve to live healthier lives by better managing their alcohol consumption.”


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