December 2018

"Answers by Cigna" Expands to Google Home Smart Speakers

With the increasing popularity of smart speakers, Answers by Cigna recently expanded to Google HomeTM devices. In addition, Answers by Cigna now includes more than 250 of the most frequently-asked health care terms. The number of Baby Boomers using smart speakers has grown to nearly 8.2 million, which is a 28.7% increase from 2017.* As more Baby Boomers age into Medicare, Cigna is meeting these consumers where they are looking for information – voice-enabled digital assistants. Answers by Cigna can now help Medicare recipients during the Medicare Advantage Enrollment Period by providing explanations of common Medicare terms to help them choose the right type of plan in a convenient, hands-free way.

More than a simple glossary of terms, Answers by Cigna was built by applying user-tested intelligence into the free skill, which is available to everyone. This helps Cigna understand what other questions users may ask. For example, if someone asks, “What’s an HSA?”, they’ll likely also be curious as to what an “FSA” is. So, Answers by Cigna will ask them if they want to know what an “FSA” is.

By offering Answers by Cigna on both Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, Cigna is available to answer basic health care terms for 97% of smart speaker owners.*

To start using Answers by Cigna:

  • For Google Home or Google Assistant, simply enable the mic and ask “Hey Google, ask Cigna what is a [insert term]?”
  • For your Alexa-enabled device: Simply say “Alexa, enable Answers by Cigna.”


* eMarketer, 2018

Google Home is a trademark of Google Inc. Amazon and Alexa are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.