December 2016

Staying Compliant as We Enter the Next Phase of Health Care Reform

Given the recent election outcomes, we can anticipate changes affecting the health care landscape in 2017 and beyond. We will keep you informed as the next phase of health care reform unfolds. In the meantime, staying compliant with existing requirements and working with employers on their strategic planning around health benefits is as important as ever. Cigna is here to help employers and broker partners continue to navigate the many ongoing requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Navigating ongoing employer requirements

With Your ACA Roadmap, Cigna’s new ACA compliance timeline tool, employers and broker partners can stay organized and on top of required deadlines. Your ACA Roadmap provides a personalized, visual timeline of activity based on the user’s input for six simple questions including attributes such as business size and funding type. Compliance deadlines are provided for required communications and notices, fees and taxes, reporting requirements, and other provisions. Based on the personalized output, relevant links are provided to additional Cigna resources so users can learn more about each provision. Visit today to check out this innovative new tool!

Responses provided through this tool are for general information and education purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please seek appropriate professional counsel. Cigna expressly disclaims all liability relating to anything done or not done in reliance upon information provided through this tool.

Affordability considerations for employers and individuals

The ACA has three primary goals: expanding access to health care, along with improving the affordability and quality of health care. Because of affordability’s central role in the law, it is a key factor in many of the law’s provisions.  In fact, because multiple provisions address affordability, there are times when the definition differs—and these definitions are inclusive of more than just premium costs. Cigna developed the Affordability Under the ACA paper to provide an analysis of the concept of affordability within the employer and individual mandates under the ACA, including key considerations for employers to understand how their plan designs impact the affordability requirement. Download the paper today to learn more about the role of affordability and how to ensure compliance based on current ACA requirements.