December 2016

Cigna Group Insurance – A Great Fit for Your College and University Clients

When it comes to benefits, your clients’ employees have higher expectations.
Employee benefits are an important way to attract and retain top employees and provide them (and their families) with additional financial protection. Yet, at the same time, administrators are up against higher scrutiny with regard to budgets and spending and are often being asked to do more with less. At Cigna, we help colleges and universities, and their employees, be healthy, productive and more financially protected.

Cigna has been offering solutions to college and university employees for almost 70 years1 – we understand their unique needs and challenges and can tailor our benefits solutions to help meet your needs. Our current class list includes:2

  • 200 college/university clients
  • 500 plans issued across our Life, AD&D and Disability product lines
  • $58 million in premiums for Life, AD&D and Disability insurance

Better outcomes make Cigna a smart choice. When compared with the industry, Cigna is achieving better outcomes for U.S. colleges and universities with 6 days shorter STD durations3 with total costs savings of over $52K per 1,000 covered employees.4

For more information on how Cigna Group Insurance can provide a well-sharpened and connected strategy for colleges and universities, please see our employer flyer and contact your Cigna sales representative today.

  1. Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, an operating subsidiary of Cigna Corporation, first began offering group pension services to colleges and universities in 1947.
  2. Cigna internal book of business (1/1/15-12/31/15) for SIC 8221 U.S. clients. February 2016.
  3. Based on Cigna internal book of business (2/20/13–12/25/14) vs. Integrated Benefits Institute 2014 STD benchmarking for SIC 8221.
  4. Savings based on STD payments for most common STD plan design and indirect lost productivity cost using a standard industry productivity multiplier developed by Nicholson, S., Pauly, M.V., Polsky, D., Sharda, C., Szrek, H. and Berger, M.L. “Measuring the effects of work loss on productivity with team production.” Health Economics. 2006;15(2):111-123. Accessed April 2016.