September 2021

Guarantee your clients a lower cost trend year over year

Guaranteed lower trend? More employees engaged in their health? Your clients can have both.

Cigna knows about saving clients money. For nearly a decade, we’ve delivered the lowest total medical trend compared to our major competitors.1 How? Our unique approach is to identify, reach out to and engage employees and connect them with the right resources for their needs. Using predictive analytics, we work to identify risks before they happen, avoiding costs from preventable health issues and slowing disease progression.

  • By connecting medical, pharmacy and Cigna Total Behavioral Health care, you can save your clients $227 per member per year (PMPY).2
  • Those savings increase to $4,741 PMPY when applied to engaged customers with a health improvement opportunity.2

Given our track record of delivering best-in-class trend results, coupled with externally validated studies, we’re so confident in our ability to deliver lower trend results that we are offering a multi‐year trend guarantee.

How it works.

By moving your clients’ business to Cigna with an Integrated Solutions Bundle,3 clients will be eligible for a Trend Guarantee that incorporates Integration Trend Credits for the first plan year. In addition, clients can also qualify for a second-year Trend Guarantee that includes both Integration and Health Engagement4 Trend Credits.

Cigna will provide a designated Engagement Consultant who will partner with your clients to develop a health engagement strategy for their workforce, including incentives to drive participation.

Cigna is more committed than ever to delivering a health care experience that’s affordable, predictable and simple. The power of integrated benefits – combined with wellness programs that encourage employees to take control of their health – can improve employee health while providing savings for your clients.

With our Multi-year Trend Guarantee, you can help your clients have a healthier, more productive workforce as well as a healthier bottom line. See offer details.

NOTE: For ASO clients with more than 1,000 employees.

  1. Based on Cigna and top three national competitors’ 2010–2019 analyst calls. Publicly available information. If no specific guideline was given, the midpoint of the reported range was used.
  2. 2020 Cigna Value of Integration study. Results may vary.
  3. For new ASO clients with > 1,000 employees. Required Integrated Solutions Bundle: Must purchase OAP or Local Plus, Cigna Total Behavioral Health, Cigna Pharmacy, OneGuide® Navigation, Health Matters Preferred/Complete, Chronic Condition Support, and MRC2 Stacked OON benefit. Required Engagement Rate: 40% engagement must be achieved in Year 1 and Year 2.
  4. Definition of “engagement:”: Cigna utilizes the Health Matters Engagement Index to measure population engagement. Individuals are considered engaged based on evidence of completed actions for two or more Health Maintenance activities and/or one or more Health Improvement activities to manage and improve their illness.