September 2021

Building a benefits strategy for a changing world

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps changing the health care landscape, fundamental shifts are occurring that will continue to be just as important in a post-pandemic world. Here are three insights to consider as you guide your clients.

1. The cost of disrupted care

The pandemic caused patients, doctors, dentists and hospitals to cancel or delay non-emergency care.

  • 41% of U.S. adults avoided medical care due to the pandemic1

When care is delayed, including routine preventive care, it can lead to costly health conditions that may develop down the road. Solutions for clients may include virtual wellness screenings as well as incentives to encourage employees to get a wellness exam.

2. A focus on behavioral health

The pandemic continues to take a toll on employees – financially, physically and emotionally.

  • 87% of workers say they’re stressed2

Employers are making behavioral health of employees a top priority. If they haven’t already, it may be time for your clients to consider offering their employees benefits that address a person’s emotional well-being.

3. Virtual care keeps expanding

The accelerated adoption of virtual care services has significant ramifications for your clients. In fact, it turns out that many patients prefer the virtual experience.3

  • 2 out of 3 people have used virtual care at least once3

Your clients need to partner with a health service company that’s been offering virtual care solutions for years and understands the evolving needs of patients and providers.

Get the facts on how COVID-19 has impacted health care so you can help your clients find cost-effective solutions that improve the health of their workforce. 

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