March 2021

What your clients should know moving forward

As we continue to navigate through the changes and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the future is more important now than ever.

Significant shifts in the health care landscape have emerged – and every employer needs to know about them. Some of these shifts have already become part of our new normal, such as the rapid expansion of virtual care services. Others, like awareness of social disparities in health care, may be less obvious but are critical issues to address.

We have identified areas your clients should consider throughout the year. Addressing these topics can help them maintain a healthier, more productive workforce.

Behavioral health

The impact of resilience and behavioral health in the workforce cannot be underestimated. Now more than ever, employers need to place a greater emphasis on supporting their employees’ emotional well-being.

Virtual care

69% of consumers want the option to choose a virtual visit over an office visit even after the pandemic ends.*

This is encouraging news for your clients. After all, virtual care services can improve employee health while driving down medical costs.

Drug costs

Drug prices are increasing, and the growing number of specialty drugs has employers concerned. But there are several ways your clients’ pharmacy plan can help control these escalating costs, including generic alternatives to home delivery.

Data and analytics

The collection and evaluation of patient data to provide better, more cost-effective care is transforming the health care industry. In addition, digital tools such as wearables are getting employees more involved in their own health.

Social determinants of health

Not all health care is equal. Some groups face barriers to care that others don’t. By recognizing underlying issues within a diverse workforce, your clients can help employees avoid fragmented care and the costs associated with it.

Take a more in-depth look at why these significant shifts will matter to your clients in the future.

* Sage Growth Partners, (2020, April 20), “Sage Growth Partners and Black Book Research Release New Survey Results in Series Assessing Healthcare Consumer Sentiment During COVID-19 Crisis.”