July 2017

Bring Your Clients’ Employees Together for a Healthy Challenge

If your clients are looking to help employees exercise more, eat smarter, sleep better, reduce stress or lose weight, encourage them to host a Coach by Cigna Leaderboard challenge. As part of the Coach by Cigna app, the challenge adds more motivation – and more fun – to help employees reach their health goals. Your clients can work with their health improvement strategists to create a company Leaderboard Challenge. Then, their employees can download the Coach by Cigna app* and begin to complete the coaching programs that fit their needs. Employees also get access to coupons and discounts – and can even compete to win prizes your client chooses to offer.

Click here to learn more about the Coach by Cigna Leaderboard Challenge.

*Employees must be 18 or older to download the Coach by Cigna app.