December 2017

Cigna’s Disability Prevention Program keeps more people productive and at work

Cigna's pilot program to predict when employees are at risk of having a short-term disability (STD) – and then help employees prevent that disability from happening – has led to an average 10.5% reduction in new STD absences for companies participating in the pilot. In late 2016, we added the Absence Prediction and Prevention (AP&P) risk score to Cigna Medical’s HealthMatters score for all Cigna's Disability & HealthCare Connect® (DHCC) clients with Cigna STD and Cigna Medical, enabling health coaches and case managers to see the risk of future disability and to allow them to assess and refer customers to additional programs. To further build on this success, we’re expanding our AP&P program to enhance the service for all DHCC clients that have insured STD, insured long-term disability (LTD) and Cigna medical coverage – allowing for identification and assessment of at-risk employees who are not yet engaged in health programs.

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