April 2017

Cigna One Guide® Solution Takes Customer Support to a Whole New Level

With the introduction of our Cigna One Guide solution we’re able to offer your clients a highly personalized customer support solution designed to help transform workforce health and help employers increase savings.

The Cigna One Guide solution combines high-tech analytical knowledge with real-time human interaction to make it easier for customers to understand specific actions that will help them get healthier, stay healthier and save money.  Customers can connect by phone or they can access a click to chat feature via myCigna – online or through the mobile app.  When they engage with the Cigna One Guide solution, customers are connected with specially trained personal guides ready to do more than just answer questions. Using a variety of existing customer data, personal guides are able to more thoroughly analyze customer situations and anticipate customers’ needs. Then they proactively connect customers to information and resources that will help them avoid surprises, achieve better health outcomes, and get more value from their plan every day.

The overall goals of launching the Cigna One Guide solution are to help Cigna clients reduce their total medical costs and yield more satisfied employees in the process. The Cigna One Guide solution is also designed to increase health engagement among those employees by guiding them to incentives, coaching and more benefits.

This solution is currently available to 1.1 million customers and nearly 100 clients—and those numbers will continue to grow, with 5 million total customers expected in 2018.

To learn more about how the Cigna One Guide solution can help customers and clients find better health and a better bottom line, listen to this brief podcast (6:41) or view this short video (2:15)