March 2020

Value Of The Cigna And Express Scripts Combination

Approximately one year has passed since Cigna and Express Scripts began working together as a combined organization. We strive to deliver what our clients and customers may want now, and to anticipate what they may need next. The results of our united focus include new ways to:

  • Improve affordability and predictability
  • Simplify customer experiences
  • Enhance overall value

A significant milestone in our combination with Express Scripts is an upgrade to our pharmacy claim-processing platform – as we move to our proprietary Express Scripts claim engine. This upgrade began for new businesses on January 1, 2020 – and, starting February 2020, began to roll out to existing clients upon their individual renewal dates. Many of the enhancements to our integrated pharmacy benefit will begin for clients upon the implementation of this important upgrade.

Looking ahead, we’re eager to provide additional choices, products and innovation for more personalized whole person care. We’ve set a bold target of reducing total medical costs so they’re at or below the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by 2021 for our integrated business.

To get there, we’re relentlessly focused on affordability, predictability and simplicity in order to continue to transform and improve health care for our clients and customers.

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